Independent Testing

A well designed, thoughtfully executed software application will need to undergo a series of validation and testing to ensure that it passes through all permutations and combinations post its public release. At Ascent IT Solutions, we complete the software development life cycle projects only when the newly created software has undergone and demanding, rigorous and painstakingly detailed level of testing to ensure that the product performs as per the expectations and gives results with the exact same precision for which it was designed n the first place.

Our testing service offers the below cutting edge benefits:

  • After a software product is meticulously tested, it is sure to gain immense popularity amongst its users post release.

  • Since the software validation happens at time of product development, client companies end up saving on recurring costs that would’ve arisen had proper testing not been carried out on the product thereby prompting product recall from market.

  • All data and back-end coding recovery can be tested against simulated system breakdown.

  • Constant interaction between developers and testers ultimately leads to a robust and strong product coming out of the stable.

The dedicated division of software testers ensures that all aspects of the business needs of the client is well understood over and above the development team’s briefing, thereby allowing them to keep in mind the perspective behind which the client had partnered with Ascent IT Solutions.

We provide the below testing services:

  • Consulting services: We can review your on-going testing processes, suggest viable alternatives and provide a blue print of our substitute for a better testing service.

  • Validation services: Analyses the business problem and determines if the product resolves it.

  • Core testing: All major types of industry standard testing services are employed by us to give you an all-inclusive range of validations and testing to ensure complete reliability and robustness of the product.

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