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In an unpredictable market with global customer base, changing technological landscape and cut throat competition, it becomes necessary for companies to tap into the potential of the vast online community and develop enterprise products that not only yield a higher rate of returns to clients, but improve overall operational efficiency within their existing processes.

Ascent IT Solutions works with you to as your offshore consulting partner and assists you to stay ahead of the competition, and add a unique value proposition to your service offerings through our product design and development services.  Unlike the usual software project development work, product design and development services encompass a range of activities that ultimately culminate with the client releasing a new product on the online market or as a SaaS.

Ascent IT Solutions follows the time tested methods of product development which in a nutshell span the below activities as laid out in the industry standard SDLC guidelines:

  • Business analysis
  • Product conceptualization
  • Designing
  • Coding and integration
  • Testing and validating a given product against the existing software architecture of your company.
  • Deployment or installation
  • Other functions like customizing the product, implementing it and maintaining multiple versions of the product are also involved

If you have a new idea but not sure how to translate this to a functional software solution, our  product design and development services consultants help you by drawing up a feasibility report and by suggesting features and approaches that will guide you in step by step project implementation.

To make a successful software product, there are several key practices implemented like making use of component based architectures, creating clear module interfaces and visual models through UML tools. A stringent QA process ensures that our customers are given software of the best possible quality.

Cloud is integral part of our solutions.Our team has been helping customers develop strategies and solutions for cloud platforms using Windows Azure. We deliver scalable and cost effective cloud based web applications, SAAS (Software As A Service) Applications.

In business, it is generally accepted that no two businesses function in exactly the same way. One cannot expect software solutions that work with one business to work with another. No matter how many flavors and varieties of off-the-shelf software solutions available in the market today, there is always the need for a trusted IT partner such as Ascent IT Solutions to work specifically on the business problem on your hand and develop and execute bespoke Enterprise Application Services, just for you.

That is exactly why we have our own IT services where we design, develop and test software for specific business requirements. Businesses will no more have to make changes to their business practices at the behest of the software that somehow don’t seem to fit the existing business needs. Our team of seasoned IT developers does a thorough review and analysis of:

  • How you want your enterprise application to function in real world?
  • What needs will the enterprise application services fulfill?
  • What type of mobility and computing devices will make use of the enterprise application services?
  • What audience type will be targeted to make use the enterprise application services?
  • What upgrade and update features need to be built in to make the enterprise application scalable for future growth?

We provide expert services for IT development on all leading web platforms ranging from .NET, Java and PHP. Developing custom software for companies involves several responsibilities like a thorough analysis of the business needs, preparing the design specifications, coming up with an initial design concept, developing, testing and validating the software, and enhancing and maintaining the software.

Some of our cutting-edge enterprise solutions include:

  • Leadership Dashboards
  • Digital Product Catalogue
  • Enterprise HR: Mobility Solutions
  • Lead Management App
  • Integration of CRM with ERP
  • Accounting and MIS Apps

Our mobile development service encompasses all major integration activities that help you provide a better level of servicing quality to your customers. With the ever-changing technology advancement, it becomes necessary for companies to adapt to newer ways of bringing in a degree of mobility to the solutions provided by them.

For any type of integration, be it business systems, ERP, CRM or system applications, Ascent Solutions’ team of seasoned experts in mobile development services will suggest he best way to taking this systems mobile and enhancing user experience within the company, the major stakeholders and customers.

Ascent Solutions’ mobile development services touches the following 4 broad spheres of adding mobility to existing business solutions:

We do a meticulous review and analysis of your service/product offering, the target audience seeks to reach out to and the value provided by integrating mobility into these services or products. If this feasibility study spells potential business success, then we go ahead with devising appropriate mobile development service solutions

Product conceptualization:
Based on the preliminary analysis of business need and how it can be effectively tied up to mobile solutions, we draw up blue prints of optimal, cost effective and reliable quality alternatives that are compatible with your IT configurations and comply to your business processes

Integrating Mobile application into websites:
Keeping an eye on propelling your business to a bigger audience of Internet users of smartphone, tablets and computers, we help in the design and development of smart and innovative mobility solutions for websites and CMS sites in the form of fully functional apps.

Maintenance tasks:
Ascent Solutions understands the need to prolong the life of a useful product so that it can stay relevant in face of constantly evolving technology, appeal to users even after a good run in the market place and extend its functionalities to touch the customers’ lives in a positive way.

For a software product to be successful in the market and improve your company’s visibility, it needs to be able to live up to its claims. It is not simply enough that a product performs its functions properly; it also needs to be secure, scalable and reliable. At Ascent IT Solutions, we understand that need for rigorous software product testing of a product to bring up true solutions, and meet the demands of the target market. As software products get more and more complicated, so do their technology and techniques. Our endeavor is to build software product testing capabilities that allow us to commit to better solutions at the highest quality and lowest turnaround time.

There are a number of approaches through which we enable software product testing. To create an effective product test, it is not enough that you create routine procedures and follow them; testing a complex product effectively is, in essence, an investigative process and explores each and every permutation and pass the software through such permutations that depict real life application of the software.

Some of the business critical software product testing services we employ are:

  • Validation testing
  • Black box testing
  • Configuration review
  • Usability, accessibility, testing and analysis
  • Alpha and Beta testing
  • System testing
  • testing
  • Security Testing (robustness, reliability testing)
  • Stress/Load Testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Globalization/ Localization testing
  • Functional testing
  • Unit testing
  • Smoke testing (sanity testing)
  • Integration testing (top-down integration testing, bottom-up integration testing)
  • Regression testing
  • Content testing and verification

Software product testing at Ascent IT Solutions is considered a very vital stage in product development, considering the role it plays in boosting our ability to deliver high quality products. Using state-of-the-art methodologies for testing, our software product testing engineers develop test suites of high coverage.


For the vast majority of product managers, their involvement with product development activity ends with the day the product is launched. Not at Ascent IT Solutions; the product release is only the beginning of a relationship, involving the need for continual maintenance and upgrades. We believe that a product, once it is open to the public, receives several reactions from users, and managers will then have to work out the changes that will gain acceptance with users and increase its popularity in the online market.

Our product maintenance and support work spans the below tasks:

  • Corrective maintenance- reactive modification to correct discovered problems.
  • Adaptive maintenance- modification to keep it usable in a changed or changing environment or technological change.
  • Perfective maintenance- improves performance or maintainability.
  • Preventive maintenance- modification to detect and correct latent faults.

A common issue faced by most enterprise products face is supporting their installed base on newer versions of the product. Our product maintenance and support team will enable correcting errors in design, improving upon them, and converting them for using on other hardware. We also facilitate migration systems, controlling of the day-to-day functions of the system and perfecting the prevailing functions available to users.

Maintaining multiple versions of an old code-base requires significant investment. Since there a lot of other responsibilities involved, notably supporting existing clients on legacy technology platform, we completely understand the challenges faced in transitioning the product to the next level while making the older version available for existing users.

We provide for such dual product maintenance and support by developing maintenance plans and procedures and implementing the configuration management process, problem modification tasks, maintenance reviews, migration tasks and software retirement tasks. We believe that our clients will benefit from this service immensely, since it enables them to use our offshore product maintenance and support services in an effective manner.

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