Field ForceAutomate your field with Field Force

Field force is your very own on-demand smartphone based business productivity solution. Field Force offers a strong suite of mobile employee management tools that not only bring in innovative automation and real time, up to date field data that allows management to get insights and take rapid decisions.Field force is field management software which provides total solutions to your field management needs.The Field Force app enables streamlining of communication and connectivity between employees, management and customers to ensure a smooth supply chain and better business processes thus it simplifies filed management process. Some of the highlights that Field Force offers through its mobile application interface are as below:


1. Align field work: Helps mobile employees stay connected with the management.

  • Intelligent appointment scheduling that allows employee to provide better quality of service to customers.
  • Smart integration of schedules of the day to ensure the managers can track the agenda for all employees and thus provide a better scheduling service.
  • Cut down on wasteful commute time by smart scheduling based on location and customer appointments.

2. Time and location reporting: All field employees can be tracked based on their locations and thus, empower the management to set up appointment and schedule meetings with customers based on their geographical proximity. This saves significant amount of time in field dispatch and increases the turnaround time.

3. Management insight: The back office integration of data presents reports in a convenient manner to the management and helps in insightful decision making on factors such as productivity, lead conversion.

4. Inventory management: Provides a real time update of the current stock in hand.

  • This allows the business owner to move in quickly in case of significant shift either ways in the demand for the goods.
  • It also brings a consolidated reporting system that gives a quick view of different stocks stored at different facilities at any given time.
  • The innovative projections service built in within the app also gives a trend of the actual vs. projected stock status.

Ascent IT Solutions provides greater flexibility and innovation to your field management needs through its Field Force application and thus delight customers with better service quality.Its provides a total solution for field management and hence it stands as a best field management software in Industry.


Ascent IT Solutions revolutionary offering the m-catalogue solution helps you leverage the twin power of far-reaching benefits of technology and visually appealing presentation of your products. Delight your customers with the newest method of displaying your brand in a well ordered manner on a mobile interface that allows them to browse products and purchase them from the comforts of their home or offices.

With the changing technological advancements, it becomes necessary to tap into customer preferences and convert your stock into an m-catalogue that helps users to save time visiting the physical premises of the store and browse at their own convenient timings. This leads to better prospect as the m-catalogues showcases your brand power on a continuous basis, be it any time of the day or night.

The unique proposition offered by our m-catalogue services are:

  • Digitize all your physical goods so that it reaches out additional audience base of millions of Internet users.
  • m-catalogues take the digital presentation of your product information to the next level and thus give your business an unbeatable edge over your competition – all the more good news for your business.
  • It fits perfectly with your need of presenting your product in an effective manner at trade shows, seminars or exhibitions. We provide different ways to present your product that not only conveys the right message interactively to the audience, but also evokes interest and engagement with them.
  • The built in survey tool within m-catalogue allows you to gauge user feedback and opinions, all of which helps you to excel in your customer servicing endeavours.

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